12 Profitable Work from Home Online Jobs for Filipinos

If given the chance, would you like to work from home rather than go through the pains of daily commuting in Metro Manila?

Of course, who doesn’t want a better work-life balance? Who would refuse when the opportunity presents itself?

Especially now that the work from home bill or Telecommuting Act of 2017 is just a step closer to becoming a law, having a home-based job has become an attractive career option more than ever.

One thing that holds Pinoys back, though, has to do with the pay. Yes, full-time freelancing doesn’t guarantee a steady income, unlike an office-based job. But high-paying work from home jobs for Filipinos aren’t hard to come by.

Home-based jobs also don’t require expensive equipment or an MBA. You just need a computer, a reliable internet connection, excellent communication skills, and a college degree related to the job.

Here are some well-paying work from home jobs to consider if you’re planning to quit your day job.

1. Software Engineer

Monthly salary range: PHP 48,000 – PHP 140,000
Average hourly rate: PHP 299

The IT industry in the Philippines and abroad offers some of the highest-paying work from home jobs. Software engineering jobs are among them, with monthly salaries that go as high as PHP 100,000+.

Clients require home-based software engineers to at least have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software/Computer Engineering, or any related field. They also look for experience and technical skills in programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, and PHP.

2. Virtual Accountant

Monthly salary range: PHP 35,000 – PHP 100,000
Average hourly rate: PHP 189 – PHP 640

If you’re an office-based accountant, you don’t have to change careers just to be able to work from home. In fact, international companies are looking for home-based accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers to manage taxes, payroll, and other financial aspects of their business.

Home-based accounting jobs are just as lucrative as office-based jobs in the same industry. You can earn as much as PHP 100,000 working from home.

3. Computer Programmer

Monthly salary range: PHP 35,000 – PHP 75,000+
Average hourly rate: PHP 200 – PHP 700+

Although programming and software engineering both involve making computer applications, they have their differences in job function. They also quite differ in terms of how much workers are earning. Software engineers get higher pay than programmers because of their expert-level coding skills.

Still, being a programmer is a financially rewarding work from home job. Programmers in the Philippines earn an average of PHP 50,000 monthly. The talented ones with more experience earn more than PHP 100,000.

4. Web Developer

Monthly salary range: PHP 20,000 – PHP 58,000+
Average hourly rate: PHP 200 – PHP 600

Another IT-related work from home job that pays well is web development. Not only that, home-based web developers—especially those knowledgeable in building WordPress, Shopify, and Magento websites—are in-demand nowadays. Many online businesses overseas need these professionals for building their websites.

5. SEO Specialist

Monthly salary range: PHP 30,000 – PHP 50,000
Average hourly rate: PHP 300

While anyone without prior experience can start an office-based career as an SEO specialist, the same thing can’t be said about home-based SEOs.

If you’re a beginner, you can be trained in an office. But if you’ll work from home, you need to have at least two to five years of SEO experience. You should be able to launch and implement SEO campaigns and link-building activities with minimal to zero supervision. This is why starting salaries of home-based SEO specialists tend to be higher than their office-based counterparts.

6. Web Designer

Monthly salary range: PHP 15,000 – PHP 50,000+
Average hourly rate: PHP 130 – PHP 260+

If you’re a web designer who’s already tired of the corporate world, you can still make a lot of money switching to a remote job in web design. A lot of companies abroad, especially in the U.S., are looking for web designers to build their websites, landing pages, and blogs.

Designers who work from home typically charge USD 5 per hour worked. You can earn more if you also have coding experience.

7. Graphic Designer

Monthly salary range: PHP 10,000 – PHP 50,000+
Average rate per design: PHP 50 – PHP 1,000+

Talented in creating and designing logos, t-shirts, mugs, flyers, and other materials using Photoshop? You can work from home and make good money out of that talent. The highest-paid graphic designers even charge as much as USD 25 per design or job order.

8. Social Media Manager

Monthly salary range: PHP 10,000 – PHP 50,000+
Average hourly rate: PHP 100 – PHP 400+

Digital marketing agencies and businesses abroad hire remote social media managers in the Philippines to handle their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. If you have the knack for creating engaging content and potentially viral memes, then you can make good money working from home as a social media manager.

9. Content Writer

Monthly salary range: PHP 10,000 – PHP 40,000
Average hourly rate: PHP 100 – PHP 1,000+

Online writing is one of the most popular work from home jobs in the Philippines. It’s easy to get into this line of work, as long as you write well and have a good command of English. There’s also a huge demand for writers who can produce quality content for websites, blog, and e-books.

The more talented and skilled home-based writers earn as much as PHP 60,000 to PHP 80,000, though the average writer salary ranges from PHP 20,000 to PHP 30,000.

10. Telemarketer

Monthly salary range: PHP 10,000 – PHP 40,000 (plus commission or bonus)
Average hourly rate: PHP 100 – PHP 200

Shifting to a home-based online telemarketing job is a great idea for BPO professionals, especially moms who want to spend more time at home with their children. Aside from good pay, telemarketers who work from home also enjoy additional perks such as commissions and bonuses.

If you speak English fluently, with experience in sales, lead generation, or telemarketing, and a friendly, outgoing personality, then this work from home online job is ideal for you.

11. ESL Tutor

Monthly salary range: PHP 15,000 – PHP 40,000+
Average hourly rate: PHP 100 – PHP 200

Filipinos are known worldwide for excellent English skills, which is why online schools hire ESL (English as a Second Language) tutors in the Philippines to teach English to Korean, Chinese, or Japanese students.

Even if you have little or no experience in teaching, you can land a work from home job as an English teacher, as long as you speak good English (with a neutral or preferably American accent). Among the well-known companies that hire ESL teachers are RareJob and 51Talk.

12. Virtual Assistant

Monthly salary range: PHP 15,000 – PHP 35,000
Average hourly rate: PHP 100 – PHP 300

Among the profitable work from home online jobs featured on this list, virtual assistant jobs are the easiest to get into. The remote job requires minimal skills such as data entry, Excel, email management, basic writing, appointment setting, and organizational skills. Some clients even hire VAs with no experience, as long as they’re eager to learn and can do so quickly.

Of course, you have to be always reliable to succeed as a home-based virtual assistant. In return, you’ll get good income that can go as high as PHP 30,000+.

Final Thoughts

The salaries and rates above are accurate as of November 2018 and vary depending on location (Metro Manila/provinces), experience, skill set, and rank (junior/senior/managerial level).

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